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What we do

Smart Robotics

Develop ROS based autonomous navigation system with obstacle detection and avoidance. Medibot: turnkey medical solution with design, customisation, delivery, installation, training and support.

Smart Vision & Algorithms

Face detection, face id, body detection, object detection, mask detection, available via rest api on cloud or premise, gpu & cpu-only version

Smart chatbot

Custom conversational AI chatbots based on the most advanced level 3 natural language processing engines running on cloud or on premise.


Consultancy and training for digital and AI transformation of your business, including innovation of your business model. We help you in all the steps of the AI transformation: execution of pilot projects to gain momentum, building an in-house AI team, providing broad AI training, co-developing your AI strategy, co developing your internal and external communications.

Machine learning & Data Science

Developing and Co-developing you machine learning and data science applications from the pilot project to the final product and service.

Pilot Projects

We help you to carry on your AI Transformation pilot projects by providing the AI and Data Science team or helping you to build it or by developing for you the final turnkey product or service.

Our company

A multidisciplinary team of experienced researchers and well-established entrepreneurs. Experienced in developing research but also offering commercial solutions and final products.

Our mission is developing cutting-edge systems and services for robotics and AI customised to our customer needs.

The Medibot family & platform

The Medibot robot family includes two lines of robots. Both include autonomous navigation, obstacle detection and avoidance, advanced AI skills including computer vision, voice interaction, smart assistant, mission control, exhibition of complex behaviours and the possibility to develop specific custom applications. One unit is designed to provide telepresence and personal assistance solutions and can deliver small loads (up to 2.5Kg) while the other is designed to provide logistic assistance and can deliver larger loads (up to 25Kg). Both can be supervised and controlled remotely via cloud based applications from desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Progetto: fornitura di un ecosistema di robot autonomi per il settore dentale e del medicale intende operare nella fornitura di un ecosistema di robot autonomi composto da robot di movimentazione di attrezzature/materiali, di tele-presenze e di sanificazione nel settore dentale e medicale. Il progetto è sostenuto dal finanziamento di 15011,23 Euro del Bando POR FESR 2014-2020 - Asse IV “Sviluppo urbano” - Azione 4.2 - Linea di intervento 4.2.b - DGR n. 777/2021 - Erogazione di servizi e di aiuti agli investimenti a favore delle imprese dei comparti hightech e biohightech numero istanza: 254437.

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